A top Canadian university is now offering a Commercial Cannabis diploma

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Is getting a diploma in commercial cannabis the final step of legalization? Maybe, and maybe not, but we’re happy to see McGill take the leap anyway. Sure, you can get a diploma for winemaking or brewing beer, but this is the first cannabis diploma that we’ve heard of.

Before you pay the application fee, you should know that they’re not messing around over there. First, you have to already hold a Bachelor of Science degree. Second, you need to hold a GPA of 3.0 or above in your studies. Geeze, that’s a pretty high barrier to get in. Also, the entire course will cost you close to the tune of $25,000. Ow.

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cannabis diploma

The diploma itself is two full academic terms plus a 12-week internship in the cannabis sector. During that time, you’ll learn practically all there is to know about the ol’ jazz cabbage. Sounds like a pretty cushy set up to us. Heck, by the time you’re done everyone in the industry will be green with envy.

Our question is, will students learn how to make the dankest strains of pot known to civilization? We’re talking stoned ape levels of potency here, folks. Not for the uninitiated, that’s for sure. But then again, what’s the point of science if not pushing the limits?

Hold up, we’re going to go convince one of our former classmates to enroll in this one. You can learn all about the Diploma in Commercial Cannabis at McGill by clicking this link.