A promising potential COVID-19 vaccine will soon be tested on Canadians

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So we’ve got some exciting news about the potential for a COVID-19 vaccine coming our way. It looks like there is a promising one already in the works and it will soon be able to begin clinal trials in Canada. Now, we know all potential vaccines shouldn’t be cause for immediate celebration, but this one does sound interesting.

Yup, the potential vaccine, which has already undergone early stages of testing in Wuhan, is coming to Dalhousie University. It’s already been tested by 108 subjects in Wuhan. And there, they found that it was effective in producing pathogen-fighting antibodies. And the most common side effects were a little bit of pain at the injection site, and “mild” or “moderate” fever, fatigue and headache.

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The fact that the trials are coming to Canada is important for two reasons. First, more Canadian scientists will be at the forefront of ending this global pandemic. Secondly, (and more importantly) it means that Canada has a greater chance of securing supply if the vaccine ends up being viable. That’s a biggie.

Of course, there are still months of trials to get through before this potential vaccine can hit the markets. But this a serious progress, people! And it’s definitely a reason to celebrate.

For more info, check out the published study here.

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