A new bike lane route on Yonge St. was just approved by city council


bike lane

Those of you who enjoyed all the ActiveTO perks this summer are in for another treat. It looks like even more bike lane expansions are coming our way. This time, they’ll be taking over Yonge St. The motion became official with a 19-3 vote at city council this Wednesday.

The bike lane expansion is set to run along a six-kilometre section of the busy Yonge St. It’ll start at Bloor St and go all the way up to Lawrence Ave. It’s a pretty decent midtown run that’ll make for a great route when you decide to cycle into shape next year.

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Of course, this isn’t the only recent expansion to the bike lane network in Toronto. All through 2020, we’ve seen new bike lanes added to popular streets like University Ave, Danforth Ave, and Bloor St. As long as the motion gets approved by Toronto’s Transportation Services department, the Yonge St extension could arrive as early as April 2021.

So get ready to pedal into spring next year! We may be heading into winter now, but we’re already looking forward to the brighter days ahead. Who knows, maybe this whole COVID-19 mess will be cleared up by then too! We can dream, right?

You can read the official bike lane expansion motion here.