A bear was captured wandering around Barrie early this morning

Photo via Sherri Rose/Facebook

bear in barrie

Alright, what is with all these crazy animal sightings these days? First it was an albino racoon in Toronto, then a black bear in Markham. And now, another bear has been spotted roaming residential streets! This time it was in Barrie.

Yup, the Barrie police got a call early this morning when a bear was reported loose in the neighbourhood. And apparently, they encouraged all residents to stay at home (haha, what else is new??) while they searched for the animal.

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Thankfully, no one was hurt in the chase. Including the bear. And at around 9:40 AM, they successfully tranquilized the animal. It was then safely released back into the wild far, far away from people’s homes. Whew, what a close call!

We’re glad this all turned out okay, but what a strange series of events! It seems wild animals these days just can’t be tamed.