6 perfect places for a magical winter walk in Toronto

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Winter in Toronto can either suck, or it can be kinda magical. We want to make the most of winter when that sun comes out and it’s pretty enough to almost make us like the season. Almost! If you’ve been cooped up inside binging on too much Netflix, might we suggest a nice winter walk in Toronto?

Here the most magical spots in Toronto for a winter walk. You’ll be feeling warm in no time!


Waiting to show off your fancy Patagonia hiking swag? Well, you’ll need to bring a backpack and some thermal wear for this one. There are sweeping valleys, trails, marshes and even a campground (if you’re feeling brave). This park is a perfect package all in one. Can’t make it to the zoo? All good – this place is teeming with wildlife. Now, where are our binoculars?

Where: 105 Guildwood Parkway


Wintry outdoors, but make it trendy. Trinity Bellwoods in winter may not be the season for slackline, but you’ll have ample space for snowmen instead! And when it’s time to warm up, be sure to pop by this cute café afterwards for a cozy cup.

Where: 790 Queen St W


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Got a lot on your mind? What’s the meaning of winter? What’s the meaning of life? Ah, we almost freaked ourselves out there. Go and ponder all of life’s questions at this secret spot nestled between the Royal Ontario Museum and the University of Toronto. Admire the beautiful old buildings while watching panicked students run to class- it’s fun!

Where: 207-225 Bloor St W


Yes, we know the cherry blossoms aren’t here yet. But High Park is just as fun in winter – change our minds! Once you’re there, you’ll be glad to get lost in the forest. Feel that brush of fresh snow falling from the branches onto your shoulders. Ahh, solitude.

Where: 1873 Bloor St W

Winter Walk in Toronto


What if there was a trail you could walk all the way around Lake Ontario? Well, there is! Although, we wouldn’t recommend the whole way unless you’re lowkey superhuman or somehow impervious to blisters. The best spot is near the Rouge Hill GO Station, with rocky viewpoints literally built on water. Don’t forget your DSLR and a scarf!

Where: 6251 Lawrence Ave (Rouge Hill GO – our recommended starting point)


This nature trail connects UTSC to Toronto through the stunning Highland Creek Valley. The trail is 500m long and covers a 19m drop. You won’t be awkwardly tripping and falling down those 19m though, don’t worry! There are stairs. Stairs make nature so much easier.

Where: Near UTSC

Buckle up those Sorels and grab your puffiest winter coat. It’s time to make some footprints in the snow with these great winter walk in Toronto! Your legs might feel it the next day. Ours certainly did.