“Not travelling” tops 2018 list of Canadian regrets

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News flash: the younger generation loves to travel. Sure, we might spend our money on avocado toast instead of mortgages, but one thing we will splurge on a little is a chance to see the world. And with constant flight packages and tons of country and continent tours, it’s never been easier to cross destinations of your to-see list.

How exactly do young Canadians feel about travel? We’re glad you asked because Contiki Tours went ahead and popped out a few surveys to see how the country’s 18 to 35 year olds travelled in 2018. Here’s what Contiki found:

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Nearly 50% of people polled said that not travelling enough was their biggest regret of 2018. Mighty high number if you ask us…And hey, we can’t blame people for wanting to leave Toronto, but c’mon people, the world is your oyster! (or the vegan equivalent of your choice).

The ultimate travel squad that young Canadians would love to hop on a plane with included Drake, Ellen Degeneres, Beyonce, the devastatingly handsome Chrises (Hemsworth, Evans, Pine), Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse for those moody romantic nights, and a Titanic-aged Leo Dicaprio.

Who topped the list? None other than the late-great food and travel expert, Anthony Bourdain.

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What’s the good news? Well, nearly 75% of people polled said that they’d rather spend money on travelling than new toys and gadgets (clothing, phones, whatever the Kardashians sell next).

And if you want to find out just exactly where young Canadians want to go to next, keep an eye out for our list of the top voted international bucket-list destinations of 2019. Safe travels!

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