1 million overdue Toronto library books will be returned soon

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1 million Toronto library books are overdue

Have you got a library book that’s been hanging around your house for the past few months? Well, it may finally be time to part ways with it. Because Toronto libraries are beginning to accept returns. Experts have estimated that there are about a million overdue books floating around in the city. Which is a whole lot of books to be coming into libraries in the coming days.

So fines for overdue books have been suspended for the last little while. How could anyone avoid having books overdue when we weren’t allowed to leave the house? And if you can’t make it out to the library just yet, don’t worry. Cause it looks like fines will remain suspended until regular library service has resumed.

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And along with the return of overdue books, it looks like a ton of libraries are about to reopen with curbside pickup and drop off. Yup, you’ll just have to drive up to your local library for access to all the knowledge you can imagine. It’s an introverted book lover’s dream, really.

That is all predicted to start at the beginning of June.

So now’s the time to start pulling up couch cushions to look for those Toronto library books you’ve been holding onto! Those overdue charges aren’t going to stay away forever.

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