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Guide: How to spend 48 hours in Toronto

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Calling all Toronto tourists! Or locals with boring lives, you might be into this too. Spending a weekend in Toronto? You’re going to need some things to do. We’ve put together a guide to 48 hours in the city, from breakfast to your last drink! Boring weekends are not our style, you already knew that.



french toast

Let’s start the morning off right! The beginning of your weekend in Toronto deserves a wicked start. May we recommend french toast from the heavens? Ramona’s Kitchen is a go-to for french toast with ALL THE NUTELLA. It just sets the tone for the day, ya know?


royal ontario museum

Toronto is a cultural hub, not to pump our own tires or anything. Spend the morning exploring dinosaur bones at the Royal Ontario Museum. Then, pop by the Art Gallery of Ontario. Perhaps the Aga Khan Museum is more your style? There’s so much cool stuff to see! Wear your comfy shoes, blisters really put a damper on getting cultured.


bandit brewery

All that museum exploration probably has you parched. Check out some of the best spots to day drink in Toronto for lunch. No, you don’t need to get buzzed. Yes, you totally can.



It’s time to really see what this crazy concrete mass is all about. Take a tour through one of Toronto’s iconic neighbourhoods. We recommend The Distillery District for great shopping and snacks. Maybe you’re into beaches, in which case you should stop by The Beaches. Bring that swimmie! Or, you can pop by swanky Yorkville to supercar spot. Don’t worry, everyone feels like a peasant in Yorkville. It’s part of the fun.

Peckish? Make a Craig’s Cookies run to fuel up for the next neighbourhood. You’re going to get hooked. Sorry. It’s a tough habit to kick.


weekend in toronto

Toronto has way too many incredible restaurants to pick from. Sorry, you’re going to need many more weekends to try them all. However, start with one of the most beautiful restaurants in the city so you can feed a couple senses at once (cheesiest line we’ve ever used there).

If you’re not too full for dessert- which you never are, obviously the dessert tank is separate from the dinner tank- we have the place for you! Wanda’s Pie in the Sky is a Toronto favourite. The pie is friggin’ unreal, that’s all you need to know. Take a full one back to your hotel room, and thank us at 1 AM when the snackies hit.



Time to turn up, friends. Might we recommend a bar with games and activities? Basic nights out are so… basic. Whoever loses ping pong buys the next round, we’re thinking.



You had some fun last night, you’re feeling a tiny bit crusty this morning. It’s okay. Get some Pedialyte into you and get your sorry self to one of Toronto’s best brunches! Maybe cinnamon toast crunch french toast is the fix. Or maybe you’re an eggs benny person? Whatever your cure, Toronto’s got it.


dundas peak

Feeling revitalized? Great, we’ve got a big day ahead of us, sport (call us Curiocity Toronto Dad, please). We recommend a trip to one of Ontario’s most beautiful hikes for the adventurous today. Some are just a hop, skip, and a jump from the city and all of them are breathtaking.

Feeling more in the mood to relax and have your oily body rubbed? Wait, that came out wrong. Whatever. Hit up one of Toronto’s world-class spas for a morning of serious R&R.



Toronto isn’t a city to get bored in. Take your chicken fingers and throw them out the window (look out below)! This city is packed with crazy things to eat and lunch is a perfect chance to pick one of them to try. Massive burgers? Lobster mountains? Vegan egg yolks? Dorito smash bags? Go forth and give those tastebuds a ride!



If we’re getting some good weather, why not get a bird’s eye view of the city from one of the best rooftop patios in Toronto? Nothing like the skyline, snacks, and some sips.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, snag some souvenirs! Toronto’s got amazing vintage shopping and local shopping. Max out that customs declaration, we dare you.



This city turns out new restaurants at the actual speed of light. With all that culinary innovation, you should definitely make a stop at one of the city’s newest restos for your dinner.

Although, if you’re feeling wiped after the weekend, we wouldn’t blame you. Order some great takeout and recharge for your last night! Hotel nap, anyone?



End the weekend in Toronto with a bang, and a hefty dose of dairy and sugar. Tom’s Dairy Freeze is a vintage Toronto classic with unreal dipped cones. Grab your treat and make a stop at a retro drive-in movie to end the weekend on a cozy note!

There you have it: a guide to 48 hours in Toronto! We’ve barely scratched the surface of what this city has to offer, so come back soon for more, ya hear?

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