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Guide: Float the day away at these 7 lazy rivers near Toronto

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28 degrees and sunny means it’s time to get your booty in a tubey on one of these lazy tubing rivers near Toronto! Nothing says summer like letting the currents take you away from your responsibilities, worry, and the sunglasses you just dropped. Grab a floatie and let’s go!

Here are 7 tubing rivers near Toronto ideal for a summer day.



Hop across the border to raft USA-style. USA-style means floating coolers, cup holders, and water guns. We might have to admit the States have outdone us on this one. Weekend roadie?

How far: 7 hours



If you’re trying to get around that pesky two car problemo, this is your place! There’s bus service from car to launch point, so no worries about coordinating rides. You could float solo if you really wanted, which sounds like the start to a summer teen horror flick.

How far: 4 hours 45 minutes


tubing rivers near toronto

This 13km stretch has a relaxing current and rentals available if you’re a toob noob. Kick back and float away! It’s also got a perfect swimming hole if you want a break to take a dip.

How far: 2 hours


tubing rivers near toronto

Surrounded by lush greenery, this is the perfect river to cruise along on that giant inflatable orca you drunk bought off Amazon. Your time is now, Willy.

How far: 1 hour



Skip the rocks and bumps that the Elora access might include, and jump in near Waterloo! Waterloo.. water.. tuuube. It’s meant to be.

How far: 1 hour 20 minutes


saugeen river

The length of this river will take you about two hours, which is just enough time to get a perfect water socks tan. Man, you didn’t have to wear those. They look kinda dorky. At least you’re having a good time.

How far: 3 hours


tubing rivers near toronto

If you’re wanting to make a weekend adventure out of it, hit the road to Ausable Chasm. just across the border in New York State, this gorgeous natural gorge is about as scenic as it gets. Also, you’ll be the token Canadian and everyone loves the token Canadian.

How far: 6 hours

Disguise your adult beverages in Sunny D bottles, don the bucket hats, inflate the floaties, and leggo! Nothing a cruise on one of these lazy tubing rivers near Toronto can’t fix. Except for your front-to-back tan game, you’re going to have to even that out off the water.

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