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Guide: Great Delivery/Takeout for Every Neighbourhood

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You want food, but you’re 32 minutes into a 2-hour movie and fully enclosed in a blanket burrito. Mmm, burritos… We get it, sometimes cooking just isn’t the mood. Skip the dishes and get some inspo from this guide of some of the best takeout spots for every part of the city!


good eats delivery take out

This delivery is ideal for when you’re feeling lazy but still want your greens in.  These super-nutritious vegan lunch bowls, sandwiches, soups, and snacks make eating facedown on the couch actually feel like a positive life choice.

Neighbourhood: Old Toronto, York, East York


take out delivery toronto

Pretend your fuzzy blanket is a white tablecloth and dive into some perfect Italian. This solid eatery has the DoorDash hookup so you can dine in style from the comfort of your couch.

Neighbourhood: North York


one2 snacks takeout

The hype around this Asian fusion spot is insane. The wait for a seat can easily be upwards of 45 minutes, so calling in ahead for takeout is the best option. After all, the best place to stuff wok noodles into your face is your bed.

Neighbourhood: Scarborough


thai food

Trust the experts. Thai is an essential part of the takeout food pyramid, and these guys nail it. They’ve got delivery and takeout options so you don’t have to lift a finger beyond clicking “add to order.”

Neighbourhood: Mississauga


indian takeout

Oh, this is a feast alright. Takeout is nothing without Indian food, and this place has all the butter chicken you could ever need. The cherry on top is the papadam you might be lucky enough to be offered when you’re picking up your grub. It’s the little things.

Neighbourhood: Etobicoke



You want pizza but… better pizza. No shade to Dominos, but Ricci’s is great if you want next-level delivery pie. They’ve got fancy toppings if you want to jazz it up, but they’ve also got good ol’ cheese and pepperoni if you’re staying true to your roots.

Neighbourhood: Woodbridge, Vaughan


sushi takeout

Ever play “how many sushi rolls can I consume before this Netflix episode ends?” Just us? Kiku has great sushi on their takeout menu that won’t break the bank. The hidden gem of the menu might be the sushi pizza. It doesn’t get more takeout dinner than sushi pizza.

Neighbourhood: Markham



This was a hidden gem until CBC featured it, and for good reason! It’s tucked away in an industrial drag, hence it’s takeout and delivery-focused vibe. What you’ll get here is arguably the best naan bread of your life.

Neighbourhood: Brampton

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