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Guide: 8 of the Most Unique Restaurants in Toronto

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Trying to break out of your super average routine, you boring soul? Let’s start with dinner. We’ve hand-picked some of the weirdest, most unique restaurants in Toronto to help you be moderately less basic. Hey, it’s what we’re here for. Go forth, break free! Just save us the leftovers after.

Here are 8 of the most unique restaurants and dining experiences in all of Toronto. Enjoy, ya weirdos!


unique restaurants in toronto

What cuisine will you find at Nomads? All of them. Seriously, what makes this place unique is that the menu stars food from every corner of the globe. It’s any kind of food you could want, in one place! Definitely solves the “I want Chinese, he wants Italian” issue.

Where: 100 Lakeshore Ave, Mississauga & currently relocating the Danforth location to the East End


restaurant boat

Dinner, on a boat, with a major view. There’s not many places you can get all three, but this is one! You’ll be enjoying your meal while cruising around the harbour. Perfect for date night, or if we ever had a date we’d think it would be…

Where: 207 Queen’s Quay W #425


o noir

When they say “it’s better in the dark,” they mean food. This restaurant has blind servers bring surprise dishes to your table, where you eat in complete darkness. We hear not being able to see heightens your other senses, so maybe it’ll taste extra good?

Where: 620 Church St



Spent way too much (or just enough) time and money on everything comic book? You’re in a small niche in society, but we think you’d really like this place. It’s over the top comic book themed, and rather than having appies and desserts they have Expositions and Resolutions.

Where: 137 Avenue Rd


dinner theatre

A murder mystery in a basement setting? 3 courses of dinner? Maybe getting killed at the end? Okay, this place has all of the above except the last bit. One reviewer says  “who knew that murder could be this fun?” Hahaha who knew?! So fun!

Where: Chelsea Hotel, 22 Gerrard St

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snakes and lattes

Snacks? Coffee? Asserting your utter dominance in Catan? This is definitely a meal with extra added fun. Go get your game on, loser buys lunch.

Where: Three Toronto locations


the keg

We know what you’re thinking: “The Keg? You’ve lost your marbles, Curiocity Toronto.” No, we haven’t. First, it’s a perfectly fine middle-class restaurant establishment. Secondly, This particular Keg is haunted. Toilets flush themselves, doors open and close, and once a kid died by falling off the stairs. The same railing pole that he apparently fell through falls on the same day every year. Spoooooky!

Where: 515 Jarvis St


cn tower

Yes, it’s about the most obvious choice. Yes, we’re including it anyways. Have you ever eaten dinner at the top of the CN Tower with a perfect view of the entire city? IT’S SO COOL. Just make sure your date isn’t afraid of heights.

Where: 301 Front St

You’ve got 8 of the most unique restaurants in Toronto, so don’t you dare even think of going to Olive Garden tonight. And if you do, bring us breadsticks, dangit!

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