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Guide: 7 spots for lunch in the Financial District

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Whether you’re a finance intern in one of the big towers or determined to nail down a sugar daddy in a fancy suit, you may find yourself in need of lunch in the Financial District sometime. When that time comes, we’ve got some guidance in guide form for ya! Here are 7 of the best places to grab lunch in the Financial District. Enjoy!



Nothing quite like some beautifully presented, 5-star lunch on a corporate budget. The view is just the cherry on top! Make sure you wear your nice slacks here instead of the Winners ones, okay?

Where: TD South 36th floor, 79 Wellington St W



The ambiance here is honestly unmatched. It’s cozy, it’s cool, the servers are friendly, and the food is great. Also, it’s right in the heart of the action.  Couldn’t really ask for more!

Where: 150 York St


Nothing like patio lunch on a nice day, right? Slip off that suit jacket and enjoy the fun cocktail menu and contemporary fusion dishes. Consider it an afternoon pick me up!

Where: 66 Wellington St W



Sitting at a desk for 8 hours sucks. Get on your feet and enjoy incredible sushi tasting menus in less than 30 minutes, standing room only style. Strange concept, but you’ll be satisfied, on your feet, and out in plenty of time for meetings!

Where: 111 Richmond St W



Nothing like excellent service and a bowl of gnocchi to ease the pain of a pencil skirt. Actually, the gnocchi might not make that any more comfortable. It’s tasty though, so we think it’s worth it. Come back at the end of the day for happy hour!

Where: 330 Bay St


lunch in the financial district

There’s Top Chef talent behind this spot so you won’t be disappointed. It’s not cheap, so take advantage of your boss’ occasional generosity and dive into that sweet, sweet chef’s menu.

Where: 1 Richmond St W


the gabardine

Was your boss’ Americano one degree too hot this morning? Your bonus got taxed at 40%? Let the tears flow over some elevated pub comfort food here. The pot pie will solve your worries, we promise.

Where: 372 Bay St

You’ve got 7 spots for lunch in the Financial District, an hour out of the office, and the corporate credit card. Go have some fun!