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Guide: 10 of the best viewpoints in Toronto

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Staring at a brick wall all day? Maybe your apartment view is straight into the window of someone’s bathroom? You need some eye bleach, friend. The best viewpoints in Toronto are a great place to cleanse your visual palette, and enjoy something that looks nice for a while. Also, keep this list in your back pocket for visitors from abroad or a little make out sesh on a date. Just keep the hands where we can see ’em. You’re welcome!


leslie street spit

This is ideal if you want a view of the city to take your mind off of your burning lungs during your run. Or, skip the fitness and take a leisurely stroll in the area.

Where: 1 Leslie St


best viewpoints in toronto

This one’s a little less obvious and a little more secret. What isn’t secret is the cool view of the city you get from down here. It’s one of the closest to everything viewpoints in the city!

Where: 9 Bathurst St


chester hill

Check out the downtown core during the day, and then stay late to stargaze. It’s a perfect spot!

Where: Off Broadview, north of the Danforth


riverdale park

This one feels nicely removed from the city if you need a breather. Enjoy the greenery, maybe bring a picnic, and soak up the view of Toronto from a healthy distance.

Where: 375 Sumach St


trillium place

Perfect for a walk, rollerblade, scooter, or whatever other form of leisurely transportation you like. We’ll come here a trillium times to soak up these city views.

Where: 955 Lake Shore Blvd W


humber bay

Meander over to Etobicoke and you’ll be rewarded with a one of the best viewpoints in Toronto. Humber Bay Park East and West both work, so why not check out both?

Where: Between Ontario Place and Mimico Creek



Some pretty art, a pretty building, some almost prettier city views? Worth the price of admission, if you ask us! Hey, a Toronto viewpoint is a Toronto viewpoint, people!

Where: 317 Dundas St W



Bonus points if you take a little kayak cruise to fully enjoy the scenery. The city starts to look even more appealing when you’re in a shaky boat…

Where: Catch the ferry at 9 Queens Quay W



Nothing like getting really, really high! We mean for the views. This hotel’s rooftop infinity pool makes it seem like you’re about to swim right into the skyline, which would probably be really freaky if you actually were high.

Where: 550 Wellington St W


polson pier

This is a favourite spot for sunset skyline photos. We’d say it’s great for sunrise views too, but we’re never up that early if we’re being honest. We’ll be docking ourselves here a while. Haha.

Where: 11 Polson St

Now that you know all the best viewpoints in Toronto, it’s time to go wanderin’ and admire our pretty city. Have fun!

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