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Guide: 10 of the best rooftop patios in Toronto

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We’re all itching for patio season! Oh, maybe that’s the hay fever. Spend your spring getting ready to perch atop the best rooftop patios in Toronto, it makes the time until summer go by faster. We have no scientific evidence for that but we’re sticking by it.


drake sky yard

Everything The Drake touches turns into trendy gold, and their patio is no different. Southwestern themed art adds a hefty dose of pizazz. How many drinks until you think that llama mural is talking to you? That’s our ideal level of lit.

Where: 1150 Queen St W



Nothing like skyline views and Aperol spritz, are we right? This rooftop is packed with live music, snacks, and perfect summer drinks (hint: frozen). Drop by after work, for happy hour, or for one of their ridiculously fun game nights. Giant Jenga, baby!

Where: 75 Lower Simcoe St


best rooftop patios in toronto

Affectionately coined the “Flight Deck,” the rooftop of The Pilot is definitely worth the stairs. They’re decked out with heaters, retractable awnings, and plenty of cool drinks. We’ll be landing (pun intended) here all summer.

Where: 22 Cumberland St


gusto 101

Enough glasses of riesling, squint a little a the top of the pyramid, and you can almost pretend you’re on top of the Louvre. Disclaimer: many glasses required. No need to get interplanetary to enjoy this bumpin’ rooftop, though. It’s always a wicked time!

Where: 101 Portland St


the chase patio

Okay, straight up- don’t go here in your sweats. We’re frolicking with the suits on this rooftop. However, don’t dare avoid it just because it’s a little fancier. We all need to bleed money for the sake of a good outing once in a while, and this is the ideal place to do so.

Where: 10 Temperance St


thompson hotel

Treat yourself to a little bit of luxury on this 16th-floor getaway. Or maybe just spring a couple of bucks for a drink, nurse it, and savour the high life until the end of the night. Do what you can. Skyline cocktails never get old- we wouldn’t really know but we’re assuming so. Just lurk in the pool so they won’t be able to kick you out.

Where: 550 Wellington St W


bar hop

No need to bar hop, just post up here all day. It’s got a bar, and it’s always hopping. Okay, we’re done. You get the point, it’s a stellar place for patio beers. Big fans. Hoppin’ good time.

Where: 147 Peter St


pauper's pub

This fun little spot has been bringing piano bar jams to The Annex for over 30 years. It’s stood the test of time, but has it stood the test of your high notes? We’ll be retreating to the rooftop when you test it out.

Where:  539 Bloor St W



This New Zealand-themed spot is definitely one of the best rooftop patios in Toronto. It’s spacious, string light-lined and tucked away from the hustle. We recommend going at night for maximum cute light effect.

Where: 142 Cumberland St



Nothing quite like perching up among the trees on this sunny patio. It’s just so chill up here, we might order a third beer and make a day of it. Want to join?

Where: 1001 Eastern Ave

Now that we’ve got the best rooftop patios in Toronto lined up, we just need our patio weather lined up. @mothernature. We’re ready when you are!

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