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Uh oh! Canada is restricting alcohol levels in sugary drinks

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Heads up, fellow Canadians, for the days of drinking what is essentially a mix of hard alcohol and Monster energy are now over. Health Canada has banned the sales of any ‘sugary, alcoholic drinks’ that exceed 4.5% alcohol in 568ml cans.

It makes sense, since the previous limit of 11.9% was, in our eyes, way too high. At those levels, one can was equivalent to four regular beers or four 5 ounce glasses of wine. Honestly, even as seasoned drinkers, we had trouble choking the stuff back.

Then you add in some energy from the sugar, and it was a match made in… what’s the opposite place of heaven?

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Although, we do have to lament the loss of jokingly giving our friends Four Lokos when we wanted to watch them frown. Looks like we now have to buy those tiny shooters instead. Oh well.

The province that is most likely going to be affected by this is Quebec, where people can still buy beer and other low-alcohol content beverages at convenience. Boy, are we envious of Quebec for that.

On a side note, we want to take this opportunity to call out other publishers who made claims about Canada’s rankings in drunkenness. While the Global Drug Survey does incredible things to highlight drug use, it made it explicitly clear that it was not meant to represent entire populations (p. 5 of the report), as participation was voluntary.

Sorry for the rant, we just wanted to get that off our chests.

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