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Uber might be delivering groceries in Toronto very soon

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Uber has been a big fan of Toronto since it first arrived here in town a few years back, and by all accounts (for the most part, at least) Toronto is a big fan of Uber! So there is no surprise that Uber will be upping the food industry with something we’ve been expecting for quite a while – Uber Groceries (it’s a working title, don’t stress).

Listen, we aren’t the geniuses behind names like Instacart or AmazonFresh so take everything we say with a grain of freshly delivered salt. That being said, we are pretty sure Uber would stick with something pretty easy to remember, a la Uber Eats, if they did indeed enter the grocery delivery market.


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You might be asking why we’re even bringing this up, and that’s fair! In a recent LinkedIn posting found online, Uber advertised a job opening in Toronto for a ‘Head of Grocery’ position.

We hate to assume, but that seems to us a pretty obvious hint of some sort of grocery app coming to town soon.

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Uber Canada has confirmed that it is indeed looking for a Head of Grocery, but hasn’t expanded upon the reason for the job search or what the position entails.

Hey, if you’ve got some mad Safeway and Sobey’s skills then why not put them to good use? You can check out the job posting yourself or just keep an eye on Curiocity for all the developing news on this story.

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