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Treat your sweet tooth at this adorable Church Street crepe shop

Via Curiocity Toronto

Wanna hear about a little hidden gem? You might not have heard a ton about Crazy Crepes, since they ‘re fairly new and not going toooo hard on spreading the news. Just quietly scooping ice cream and baking batter. Peaceful. Calm. Sorry, Crazy Crepes. We’re blowing your cover!

This little place started out in Japan, and it’s the first store of the brand to hop on over to Canadia. It’s got all the sugary sweet decor you’d expect, plus an insane list of crepe options!


crazy crepes

If you’re feeling savoury, they’ve got options like crab and sweet corn. Not your standard, but definitely worth a try! Of course, there are a million sweet options.

We actually think maybe they could simplify the menu a little because the people behind us in line are getting impatient. Just can’t pick between strawberry cheesecake and banana brownie.



You can pick between deluxe special crepes, savoury, fruit, cheesecake, brownie, Nutella, and chocolate mousse crepes. Within all those categories, you’ve got the choice of specific fillings and add-ins, like ie cream or mini marshmallows.

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sprinkle dinkle

crazy crepes

Fair warning, it’s not cheap. Basic crepes are around $9 or so, and closer to $15 with all the fixin’s. Do we still come? Oh yeah. It gets filed under “treat yo’ self.”

Next time you’re in the mood to splurge a little, stop by! Seriously, how can you go wrong with a crepe? How does that not make your day better? It will, so you should try it. Feel free to snag us one while you’re at it.


Where: 366 Church St

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