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Toronto is getting the first of this new Starbucks store concept

Via CTV News

It’s no surprise that Toronto tends to get the newest of anything in the country. Haha, sorry everyone else! This time, it’s the first-ever pickup only Starbucks store in Canada.

Not only is this new Toronto Starbucks concept the first of its kind in Canada, but it’s only the second in the world after New York City. The gist is that you order your drink from your Starbucks app and take it to go. No seating, no ordering in the store.

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We’re placing bets on how many people will walk in and try to order on the spot regardless. 100 a week? 150?

The store is being opened in Commerce Court, because they figured catering to the busy downtown crowd would make the most sense. Obviously, some people aren’t going to be stoked to walk into a Starbucks and find they can’t even order, but those who are savvy with the app will appreciate the efficiency of the whole dealio.

Check it out next month, but make sure you download the app first!


When: Opens Tuesday, February 4
Where: 25 King St W

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