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This TO coffee shop hand-harvests their coffee right from Colombia

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Do you know where your coffee comes from? At Maderas Cafe, it comes straight from the family farm in Colombia. The way this cafe sources their goods is one of a kind, but we recommend grabbing a pastry and a macadamia latte before we get started. Set the mood, ya know?

In February 2019, Maderas Cafe opened its doors on Ossington Street. Since then, they’ve become the home of Colombian coffee culture in Toronto. However, this isn’t some middleman coffee business! No siree, the roots of this cafe are planted firmly on a family-run coffee farm in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.



Firstly, Maderas’ coffee is single-origin. It is handled with the utmost care by the owner’s family and the families that help them work to produce the highest quality grade exportation coffee. These people are serving beans grown, cared for, and harvested by their own family. Now that’s traceability!

Additionally, Maderas is certified 100% organic and fair-trade. Every day, they are closely working with indigenous Colombian communities to help better understand the land. This means every step from planting to harvesting to processing is happening with the smallest eco-footprint.


maderas cafe

It’s this attention to detail that gives Maderas Coffee the insane quality you’ll notice as soon as you take a sip!

Also, they’ve got a merch game going on! The boutique offers coffee shop merch as well as global goods and pieces reflective of their heritage.

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maderas cafe

maderas cafe

Further, as Mikhala from Maderas Cafe describes it, “Our collection of global goods embodies a timeless style and distinct quality gathered from indigenous tribes reflecting and upholding their traditional art. Maderas effortlessly combines the indigenous craftsmanship with classic Toronto street style by working with generations of artists, photographers, and designers who contribute to its unique identity.”

It’s a pretty cool spot to grab a unique holiday gift, hint hint! Stop by for a coffee, pastry, or something bigger. You’re going to be impressed with what you find.


Where: 456 Ossington Ave

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