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This super-exclusive French resto already has a flawless reputation

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Vanilla panna cotta with poached pear? Oui, merci? Uh.. more, merci! Have you been to Faim de Loup? It’s one of Toronto’s most buzzworthy French restaurants right now, and it’s getting absolutely wicked feedback. Muy bueno! Wait…

Faim de Loup is an intimate, modern French restaurant specializing in seasonal tasting menus. In fewer words, it’s a flawless dinner.

At the moment, you can fight over a dinner reso to get a cozy table in the chic, modern dining space. Make your choice between a 5-course or 7-course meal, prepared with seasonal ingredients and Chef Jeffrey’s exceptional attention to detail.

Speaking of Jeffrey, it’ll impress you to know that this whole place is a 2-person operation. You’ll be treated by Ryan Rioux tableside, and Jeffrey Yap will be cooking all the delicious things.


Jeffrey comes from roots at Scaramouche, as well as having worked at Splendido, Hopgood’s Foodliner, and Marque Restaurant in Sydney, Australia under Mark Best. Ryan has a decade of fine-dining hospitality experience including Awai and k.dinners in Toronto. Basically, you’re in exceptional hands!

Potentially the only downside here is it’s in the splurge-level dining realm. Think $80 for 5 courses and $100 for 7. No dollar menu, but perfect for a special occasion! Hey, it’s our birthday soon. We’d totally be cool with you treating us.

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faim de loup

Alongside the food, you can opt for the sommelier’s wine pairings ($45/60) or choose from their selection of French and Canadian wines & beers. We didn’t have the heart to tell them we usually like Moscato. Some secrets are meant to be kept.

Incredibly, the 16-seat restaurant does not turntables, which means that guests have their table for the entire evening. The aim here is to allow you to enjoy your evening at a leisurely pace, so it feels more like having dinner at a close friend’s place than out at a restaurant. LOL, our friends could never cook like this. Sorry, guys.

faim de loup

faim de loup

Feeling hungry? Let us just tease a little bit of the tasting menu right now… *whispers* Savoury porcini cake with sauteed oyster mushrooms, kale, garlic puree, and puffed wild rice. Scallop crudo with poached honeycrisp apple, Nicoise olives, fennel, and dill flowers. Vanilla panna cotta with red wine poached pear, dark chocolate, and oatmeal crumble.

Hungry yet? Oui, let’s go!


Where: 940 College St

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