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This hidden French gem has perfect wines and must-try menus

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Sorry in advance to everyone who’s been hitting up this hidden gem on Gerrard, but we’ve gotta tell the world about Le Conciliabule! You guys can’t have all the natural wine and French eats to yourself, okay? It’s time to share!

If you’re like us, you’re still slowly sounding out “Conciliabule” in your head. Take your time, it’s a doozy. Actually, it loosely translates to confabulation, which is a place where people can gather. 10-dollar word of the day right there! Here, it means a place to hang out, chat, and get some delicious food in you. Moreso, this spot has become a place where you can experience phenomenal hospitality above all else.

Le Conciliabule

Le Conciliabule

How authentic is this place, you ask? Well, both owners are from France. Charles Boggio studied in Lyon, a city well known for its strong gastronomic culture. Then, he graduated from the famous culinary school Institut Paul Bocuse. After a stint in a Michelin-star resto, it was time to come to Toronto.

Next, meet Manon Tournayre. Manon is Marc Tournayre’s daughter, who is the owner of Jules Cafe Patisserie. She also did her studies in France, working alongside her aunt who owns a natural wine bar with over 800 different wines. Yeah, 800. That’s some next-level wine dedication.

Le Conciliabule

Le Conciliabule

So, the two came together and created something pretty special! This place is known for delicious French cuisine and perfect natural wines you (unfortunately) can’t find at the LCBO.

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Le Conciliabule

Also, Le Conciliabule is famous for its Thursday night cheese and wine pairing! If you’ve never gone before, this would be a pretty ideal time to get a taste of what this place is about. Haha, taste. Cause it’s a restaurant.

Saturdays are ideal to come for dinner if you want the full experience. Charles prepares a six-course tasting menu, and Manon prepares food pairings. We just drooled a little thinking about the carbonara.


Whether you’re craving a pastry, Croque monsieur, a glass (or several) of wine, or a fancy French dinner, this is the perfect spot! Between the hospitality, the food, and the wine, you might just want to move to the neighbourhood. It’s what we did.


Where: 1300 Gerrard St E

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