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This Bay Street restaurant transports you straight to Thailand

Via Curiocity Toronto

We’re talking Thai food today. Specifically, BOAT King of Thai Noodles. We really, really wish that stood for Best of All Time, but it goes much further than that. Like, signature authentic Thailand far.

In chatting with Patricia from BOAT King of Thai Noodles, we learned that the whole focus of the restaurant comes straight from authentic Thai cuisine. “During our past travels to Bangkok, we fell in love with the robust and aromatic flavours of Thailand’s signature Boat Noodle (kuay tiaw ruea).”



Traditional boat noodles contain both pork and beef, as well as dark soy sauce, pickled bean curd, a super aromatic blend of spices. “This soup based recipe reminiscent of our travels inspired us to share the same flavours with our beloved Toronto hometown.”

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boat king of thai noodles

spring rolls

Additionally, they wanted the space to bring a true Thailand vibe to all its guests. “Our vision was to create a warm and inviting setting for customers looking for a convenient and delicious Thai experience, without feeling they are dining in a fast food environment.”

“The main theme was to incorporate the vibrant and bold colours of Thailand’s national flag, as well as subtle elements of Bangkok’s Boat noodle canal theme throughout the whole restaurant.”

boat king of thai noodles

boat king of thai noodles

“Our design team was amazing, as they creatively planned every minor detail in the decor. From the boat oars used to accent the walls in our take out aisle, to the straw hat pendant lighting, rustic ceramic wall tiles, and even the washrooms accented with a colourful canopy reflective of Bangkok’s night markets.”

“Of special significance was the beautifully hand-painted wall mural, which we commissioned an artist to illustrate a journey symbolic of Thai food, culture, and history along with a background of the Thai Canal.” Think they’ll redo our living room? It could use some pizazz.

boat king of thai noodles

Patricia went on to explain that each dish BOAT King of Thai Noodles served should evoke those friendly vibes. After all, food is best enjoyed together. From the bold flavours of their Thai curries and rich coconut broth to the tangy sweetness from our Pad Thai and Pad See Ew noodles, they wanted each dish to be enjoyed thoroughly.

They want you to fall in love with Thai food just as much as they have! Okay fine, if you insist. Pad Thai is a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it.


Where: 770 Bay Street Unit 1

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