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These Japanese cream buns went viral, here’s how to get them for FREE

Via Hattendo

You ever see a dessert so good you just want to lick your screen? These Japanese cream buns are just that. In fact, they went viral in China for looking so dang edible. And you can now get them in Toronto for FREE! We’re never not completely stoked about new dessert, so today is a good day.

japanese cream buns

Hattendo, the wizards of Japanese cream buns, are bringing these happiness-filled buns to North America for the very first time. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate this fact. Out of all the cities in North America to bestow this honour upon, they chose us. Ahh. Special!

Hattendo was founded all the way back in 1933 in Mihara. Get ready for some serious wholesome. The founder created the shop to “cheer people up, even a little, with sweet and delicious Japanese sweets.” That’ll warm the coldest of unfeeling hearts. What a dude!

japanese cream buns

The snacks are similar to a cream puff, with flavoured cream oozing out from the soft enclave of carbs. We want to live forever in a soft enclave of carbs. However, the outside is softer and more supple than a cream puff… Words we didn’t expect to be using to describe dessert anytime soon.

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When you pull the buns apart (keep it PG, fam), the custardy filling oozes out (KEEP IT PG!). In fact, you can get your hands on one of these babies for free at the grand opening. Trust us- you want one. You want several. All you gotta do is be one of the first 100 people there on Friday and Saturday, and you’re golden.

Stop by Hattendo to see what the craze is about, and don’t be surprised if it becomes your new favourite thing. Money can’t buy happiness but it buys cream buns and seriously, same thing.


When: Friday, June 14 & Saturday, June 15
Where: 13 Baldwin St
Time: Opens 11 AM; be one of the first 100 people there for a free cream bun

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