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These are the must-tries at this knockout Toronto sandwich shop

Via Curiocity Toronto

Whoever invented the sandwich really had it going on. Now, Famo Sandwich Creations has handily taken things to the next level. This little Toronto shop is turning first-timers into regulars at the actual speed of light, so let’s take a look at what you need to be eating here!

This shop specializes in, duh, sandwiches. However, each one is crafted with major care and attention. It’s not as fast as a Subway, but it shouldn’t be. Perfection takes time.

famo sandwich creations

famo sandwich creations

Each ingredient is high quality. The bread comes from a local French bakery, the meat is braised in wine for hours, and the fries are made of fine dining-quality fingerling potatoes. The price is a little higher than you might expect, but trust us when we say you’ll regret not coming in sooner.

So, what to order? First of all, the Six should be at the top of your list. The mention of beef tongue might freak you out (it freaks us out), but between the truffle mayo and arugula slaw, it’s worth the fact that you’re eating a literal tongue. That’s a sentence we never thought we’d say.


famo sandwich creations fries

Then, we have to recommend the Farmer. It’s a heavenly combo of grilled portobello mushroom, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onion, and arugula slaw. You won’t even miss the beef tongue! Kidding, you just might.

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Finally, we’ve gotta give a shout out to the 122. Slow-braised pulled pork, homemade BBQ sauce, and spicy pineapple slaw. It’s like a vacation to Hawaii for your mouth. If only the rest of our body could follow. If we bathe in the pineapple slaw, will it feel like we’re in Hawaii?


Of course, anything you order should come with the Famo fries. Really, when are fries ever a bad idea?

Pop down, eat a sandwich, and wish you’d done so the second this place opened. Enjoy!


Where: 122 Sherbourne St