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The Entertainment District’s coolest new sushi spot

Via Kinoya on FacebookVia Kinoya Sushi

kinoya sushi

Things we learned today: Sushi looks better in dark rooms. Kinoya Sushi and Bar just opened in the Entertainment District and it’s got the minimal, back-room vibe we didn’t know we needed.

This new spot has a super impressive menu with about anything you could need for your sushi date. There’s special maki rolls, nigiri, and if you’re feeling adventurous you can dive into a sushi boat for two, no shame if you’re solo.

kinoya restaurant

What we love most about Kinoya is the decor. Its’ dark, cozy, and industrial. With all exposed brick walls and Edison bulbs, it’s classy without even trying. Therefore, it’ll make you look way classier without even trying, right?

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kinoya interior

PSA: Kinoya offers take-out whenever they’re open, which is often as late as 11. The only thing better than restaurant sushi is bed sushi, and they’ve got you covered for both.


Where: 293 King St W