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Tennessee Tavern’s the place for AYCE pierogies and dinner for 2 deals

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Mama said don’t judge a book by its cover. When we saw Tennessee Tavern, we were thinking cowboys and whiskey. Wrong! It’s an Eastern European bar, no trace of Tennessee in sight. Unless there’s a Tennessee in Poland or something. Google tells us not.

Time to take a look at dining for two deals and all you can eat pierogies! All we really need in life, honestly.


tennessee tavern

We’re not sure how they chose the name/cuisine combo, but we’re rolling with it. They’re serving up the goods that Ukranian grandma down the street used to bring to the potluck! Think spätzle, sausages, schnitzel, and cabbage rolls. The three essential S’s (…and cabbage rolls).

Of course, there’s brunch, late-night drinks, and snacks!



One of the best reasons to drop by, besides egg noodles smothered in cheese and butter, is the Two Can Dine for $49.99 with Wine deal! Not to be confused with a toucan dining, although we’d welcome a toucan at any dinner occasion.

Nom on chilled cucumber yoghurt soup, pierogies, cabbage rolls, debrecyna sausage, boiled eggs, sauerkraut & potato salad. You won’t be going home hungry here, no sir! The selection of wines rotates, so you can pick out a nice bottle of red or white for your occasion!

tennessee tavern

tennessee tavern

Oh, we aren’t done. Other delicious eats here include cucumber salad with feta cream, smoked paprika chicken wings, and some on-theme cocktail choices. By “on-theme”, we mean we can’t really pronounce them. Yes, I’d like some Monastery Tvrdos Vranac Rakija. Thank you.

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tennessee tavern


Finally, they have all you can eat pierogies on Sunday evenings! The best part? It’s $5.95. Retweet to save a life.

Whoever can guess how many ‘rogies we can smash in one sitting wins. Whatever number you’re thinking, just raise it a lot, okay?

We’ll be swinging by Parkdale to get our fill of the most European Tennessee around, which happens to be our favourite Tennessee.


Where: 1554 Queen St W