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Sysco Canada presents ‘Foodies Unite’ to help the Canadian food industry


foodies unite

So it’s no secret that the world is in a little hot water right now thanks to coronavirus (aka COVID-19). All non-essential businesses have shut down and everyone is staying at home social distancing. At least they should be. If you’re not, please start. Seriously. Stay home. But sometimes necessities have to be picked up. Which brings us to the grocery stores.

Have you been shopping for your food necessities recently and noticed more than a few empty shelves? We sure have. Way more Canadians than usual are eating at home these days, and some food retailers just can’t keep up. Well, thanks to this new initiative, that problem is being addressed. Foodies Unite strives to support the food industry during this trying time. And we gotta say, we’re pretty darn grateful for it.

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The initiative was started by the food wholesaler and distributor Sysco Canada and it’s becoming a major help for Canadian grocery stores. They have tons of tools and resources online to help educate and support both retailers and customers. Plus, they’ve partnered with Food Banks Canada, Second Harvest and Breakfast Clubs of Canada to help out some of the less fortunate during this time. 

So all proud Foodies, let’s hear a hip hip hooray! This company is committed to healing the food industry. And we couldn’t be more grateful for it!


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