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Rogers is donating 1 million meals to Food Banks Canada

Via Canada Helps

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Here’s a little feel-good story to brighten up your quarantine. It’s no secret that lots of people are struggling because of the ongoing coronavirus (aka COVID-19) crisis. Whether you’re one of the lucky ones, whose biggest problem is boredom while in self-isolation. Or you’re one of the brave workers on the front line tirelessly to fight the virus. Or anyone in between. No one is exactly thriving at the moment.

But one of the least fortunate groups is the underprivileged people who rely on food banks to survive. Providing food to those in need can be challenging in even the best of times. But the ongoing crisis has made it much much harder. Thankfully, Rogers has just stepped up to lighted the load on Food Banks Canada a bit.

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The digital media giant has just pledged to provide 1 million meals to Food Banks Canada. This will assist in feeding the hungry across the country.

They are also encouraging all Canadians, who are able, to donate! You can make a contribution at, to help them through this difficult time. Just think of the difference you’ll be making for someone less fortunate than you.

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