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PSA: “Cheesecake on a stick” pop up coming to Toronto

Via Heirloom Toronto on Facebook

A pop up of cheesecake pops? You should probably pop by. Heirloom Toronto created cheesecake on a stick and they’re bringing all the goodness to a storefront in Toronto! This might be a good time to stockpile if we don’t buy their entire inventory first. (Which is a very real possibility for us…)

Heirloom came up with cheesecake on a stick to make the whole thing more portable. We like to think they were inspired by us strolling down the street with a slice of cake in our bare hands but who knows?

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cheesecake on a stick

So here’s the deal. First, they pop their signature cheesecake on a stick. Then, it’s getting dipped in whatever delicious toppings you desire. They’ve got everything from toasted marshmallow to coconut cream to peanut butter mousse. Finally, they’ll give you your dessert ready to go on the road.

Actually, the last step is to enjoy it out in public where you can bask in the stares of jealous strangers.


The pop up is happening every day for 10 days. Is 10 days of straight cheesecake too much? We intend to find out.


When: Thursday, March 28- Sunday, April 7
Where: Inside Pokito, 420 Queen St W
Time: Monday- Friday 11:30 AM- 10 PM, Saturday 12 PM- 10 PM, Sunday 12 PM- 9 PM

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