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PrettyUgly now offering healthy cocktails with naturopathic ingredients

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We’re big supporters of the health benefits of a cocktail. What? We were always told that a shot can kill the germs, and our mom used to offer to make us a Hot Toddy every time we were sick. Yeah, we have a cool mom. PrettyUgly is taking this idea one step further, with a whole new cocktail offering. Toronto, meet healthy cocktails.

Co-owner Robin Goodfellow worked with naturopathic doc Jacquie Wilkins to create the health-conscious cocktail menu. The drinks use plant-derived naturopathic ingredients to create cocktails that can actually make you feel better. Sore throat? Low energy? Stressed? Come, sit at the bar.

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  • Hot & Pretty – a play on the classic Hot Toddy that mixes in marshmallow root and yarrow flower to help battle a sore throat and improve general respiratory function
  • Happy Idiot – a mix of gin, cachaca, honey, lemon, eleuthrococcus/Siberian ginseng toot and megacitron. This can be used to reduce fatigue and stress
  • Everybody Panic! – features two types of rum, Laphroaig, coconut cream and lime, and is topped with a kava kava tincture to help reduce anxiety, pain and physical tension

Not only do they taste great, but you might just feel like a million bucks after trying them out. We don’t normally say that about cocktails, that’s for sure.


Where: 1237 Queen St W

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