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People want to change Columbus, Ohio’s name to “Flavortown” in honour of Guy Fieri

Via Eater New York

guy fieri flavortown

First off, we are 100% behind this petition. Nearly 100,000 people are on board to change the name of Columbus, Ohio to “Flavortown”. In case you didn’t know, Flavortown is one of the things celebrity chef and all-around great dude Guy Fieri talks about most.

What is Flavortown? Well, it’s essentially an idea that surrounds great times and even tastier food. It is an idea of happiness and inclusion that we could all really get behind right now. Also, Columbus is named after the famed explorer Christopher Columbus. Needless to say, the darker side of his exploits are not something any city really wants to be associated with right now.

At the time of writing, the petition is sitting just under 90,000 signatures and is gaining rapidly. The goal is 150K, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that is shattered by tomorrow.


Here is an explanation from the petition’s starter about why the name change is such a good idea:

“Why not rename the city Flavortown? The new name is twofold. For one, it honors Central Ohio’s proud heritage as a culinary crossroads and one of the nation’s largest test markets for the food industry. Secondly, cheflebrity Guy Fieri was born in Columbus, so naming the city in honor of him (he’s such a good dude, really) would be superior to its current nomenclature.”

So, if you’re down with this name change then go ahead and add your name to the petition! You don’t have to be an American citizen to sign, you just have to want to make a change! And click a couple buttons, of course.

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