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Pair cold brew with your pizza at this unique new College Street cafe

Via Curiocity Toronto

What do you get when you pair award-winning coffee with fine Italian cuisine? The stroke of culinary brilliance that is Barocco X Nino, of course!

This delicious College Street spot is mixing two things we never really thought we’d see under one roof: delicious Italian and perfect cafe vibes.

Barocco Coffee Company has partnered with Nino D’Aversa, an Italian bakery and trattoria, to bring you an inspired collaboration!

Step into this 2,000 square foot space and let the soft hues and natural light wash over you. Complete with an on-site custom roaster, the place offers an ambience that’s ideal for coffee lovers and Italian food enthusiasts alike.

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barocco x nino food

barocco x nino

The carefully curated menu will delight any coffee connoisseur with specialties like the Origami Pour Over and Nitro Cold Brew. That stuff is like rocket fuel in the best way possible.

Some of the signature favourites also include the classic Italian sandwiches, pressed paninis, and pizzas.​ Not to mention gourmet foods like pastas, soups, charcuterie plates and broths to go. Is anyone else hungry?

Additionally, the place also offers some retail goodies. Who wouldn’t want to take home the goodness of rich coffee and yummy Italian cuisine?

This includes an extensive range of artisanal products like panettone, Sicilian extra virgin olive oil, Barocco’s signature chocolates and so much more. You’re so set for your next dinner party.

So the next time you want a quick cuppa joe with your pasta (which should be all the time, honestly), head on over to Barocco X Nino for some well-deserved R&R. We promise you, you’ll be back for more.


Where: 974 College Street