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Ontario Beer Stores Debut A New Hard Seltzer Perfect For Summer

Via Bangarang

bangarang ontario

Bangarang is a brand new product that hit Beer Stores in Ontario this month, but don’t let that fool you. Bangarang isn’t a beer, it’s actually a hard seltzer, and it’s perfect for any adventure. With a cool, refreshing taste, Bangarang is our new go-to beverage for making the most out of summer.

bangarang ontario

With uncertain times behind and ahead of us, the company feels it’s important to stay connected whether together or apart. Bangarang is a call to unite and to celebrate whatever adventures your life holds. So the next time you find that moment, whether after a great trail-ride, at a friend’s BBQ, on a walk with the dogs or enjoying the sun on a dock – make sure to bring Bangarang along with you.

bangarang ontario

Bangarang is available in three tasty flavours: Mango, Blue Raspberry, and Lemon Lime in the mixer pack. Get to know them on IG @DrinkBangarang and follow #UnitedInLifesAdventure to see how other Ontario residents are sipping on their new fave hard seltzers.

Available in the Beer Stores across Ontario, Bangarang makes it easy for you to get your hands on a low cal, low sugar bevy that will suit any journey you’re about to embark on. This malt-based hard seltzer keeps things light and natural with only 105 calories and 1 gram of sugar per 355 ml can without sacrificing any of the flavour. With the first sip, you’ll send your taste buds on a truly satisfying and refreshing trip– no matter where your adventures are taking you.

bangarang ontario

Can’t get to a Beer Store? Bangarang is also available for pickup or local delivery in London at!

So be sure to impress the crew on your next adventure and pour them a cold Bangarang. It’s a step up from your average sip, trust us on this one. Summer bashes, outdoor adventures and nights on the town will never be the same because you deserve the best on every occasion. So crack a cold Bangarang and get ready to celebrate the good times ahead!

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