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Mill Street Brewery will deliver beer right to your door

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mill street brewery

What better way to pass the time in quarantine than drinking the days away? We’re only kind of kidding. Hey, as long as you’re drinking responsibly it’s a pretty good pastime. We’ve already given you a list of great wine delivery options, but what if you’re more of a beer person? Well, no need to worry cause Mill Street Brewery has got you covered.

The popular Toronto brewery has just launched an e-commerce shop that will bring beers straight to your doorstep. Plus, if your order is $50 or more, delivery is completely free! We could definitely down $50 worth of beer right now…

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And of course, it’s important you should know that all delivery personnel will be following the best practices for maintaining social distance with delivery. So there’s no need to worry about that!

And there are tons of beer options to choose from! Whether you’re more of a classic Original Organic Lager type, a Cobblestone Nitro Stout fan or anything in between, there’s sure to be something for everyone!

So get ordering people! It’s time to crack open a cold one with whoever you’re stuck in isolation with… Or with your friends via Zoom. Whichever you prefer.


Where: Check out the website here.

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