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‘McDelivery’ is coming to 1,000 more McDonald’s Canada locations

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McDelivery is getting even better thanks to a new partnership with DoorDash

Ever since McDelivery became a thing back in 2017, we’ve ordered more than our fair share of late-night Junior Chickens, fries, and dollar drinks. Well, now McDelivery is getting even better thanks to a new partnership with DoorDash. This fast-food empire is about to be more easily accessible than ever before to folks across Canada.

The official announcement of McDelivery on DoorDash was made today, with over 1,000 McDonald’s Canada restaurants slated to join the platform. That’s more than any other foodservice app out there! Plus, the expansion will be bringing McDelivery to 33 communities for the very first time.

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To celebrate the launch, McDonald’s is offering a sweet deal to DoorDash customers. When you order McDelivery off of the platform, you’ll receive $5 off of orders of $15 or more. All you’ve gotta do is use the promo code MCDCAN at checkout. The offer is valid for first-time orders only, so be sure to make that one count.

On top of all that, McDelivery will also be available as part of the DoorDash DashPass subscription program. You can sign up to receive unlimited FREE delivery on orders over $12. Dang, look at all these great savings!

The full roster of DoorDash McDonald’s is set to be online by the end of November. So download the app, tap a few buttons, and enjoy all the Mickey Dee’s you can imagine.