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The Porch opens their rooftop with a brand new menu!

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We’re sitting here staring at the sky, awaiting rooftop patio weather at The Porch. Yes, our retinas are burning and we should probably stop. However, patio season is the only season that matters and we’re willing to risk a little eyeball damage to get the jump on sunshine, food, and drinks! The Porch is coming with unmatched views of the city, a wicked rooftop, and a brand new food and drink menu.


Here’s the scoop on a couple of our favourites you definitely need to try!


We rec starting things off with The Porch Salad. Firstly, it’s got mixed greens with asparagus, grape tomatoes, and cucumbers. Then, that substantial health is topped with toasted cashews, pineapple, and fresh strawberries. Finally, it’s drizzled with an incredible coconut lime vinaigrette. No, they don’t really want you to drink the vinaigrette. Yes, you’ll be tempted!


Additionally, we love a good lettuce wrap. The Porch’s Lettuce Wraps start with unreal seared pineapple chicken or fried tofu. Then, we’ve got vegetables, toasted cashews, charred pineapple, sriracha mayo, and crispy pastry. If it’s lettuce wrapped that means we can eat as many as we want… right? That’s what we’re going to keep telling ourselves.


Finally, definitely give the Jerk Chicken Burger a taste- or several. It’s stacked with homemade jerk marinated chicken breast, pineapple cabbage slaw, lettuce, and tomato. Of course, there’s spicy mayo on that baby. Spicy mayo is love, spicy mayo is life.

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What says “let’s get this party started” better than the good old Black Eyed Peas themselves? Nothing, but Bulldogs come in a close second.  The Porch’s signature cocktail is ready for you to dive into. It’s their famous margarita in a bucket topped with a Corona and a slice of watermelon. If you order all the different flavours, you can chalk it up to taste testing, right?


Then for all the gals here for an Insta pic, there’s the Frosé. As you may suspect, it’s a rosé slushie. Very cute, very pink, and actually very refreshing. In fact, the bros might even get in on this one, as they should.

Finally, we can’t miss the Margarita Towers. It’s 15oz (AKA a hefty lot) of alcohol that comes in two different flavours. Go for  Coconut Crusher or The Classic, depending on your desired level of tropical. This thing is perfect for the whole friend group, or maybe just an adventurous couple. We don’t judge.


Wanna grab an after-work beer? Maybe a pre-Jays game bevvie? Also, margaritas on sunny days? We’ll be there for all of ’em.


Where: 250 Adelaide St W