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Harry Potter themed brunch and cocktail spot opening

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Harry Potter fans everywhere, control your heavy breathing. We don’t want you passing out. Lumus and Nox is opening soon, and they’re turning brunch and cocktails into a full-on Potterfest!

You read all the books cover to cover. You posted up on the couch for 48 hours at a time when the movie marathons were on. And you may or may not have rocked round glasses at one point in time and waved a twig to the tune of “wingardium leviosa.”

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Now, we’ve got an outlet for all that energy, in the form of totally acceptable adult things: brunch and cocktails!

Lumus and Nox chose its name as a play on words. The Latin terms for night and day were borrowed to represent brunch during the day and drinks during the night.

We’ve heard the manager is having a lot of fun with the mist machine- er, spell- and finishing touches are happening.

Keep an eye out and wand at the ready.


Where: 105 Wyndham St N, Guelph

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