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Happy Hour of the Week: Top shelf pours for $5.75

Via Prohibition Gastrohouse on Facebook

It’s the happiest hour of the week! Welcome to another edition of the Curiocity Toronto Happy Hour of the Week! We’re feeling extra feisty this week, so we picked the one and only Hooch Hour in the city. It’s as boozy as it sounds. We’re talking top shelf pours for bar rail prices. Heck yeah!


Prohibition Gastrohouse has two locations, one on Queen East and one in Midtown. This is convenient, cause then you can switch between the two without coming off like too much of a regular. It’s part locally sourced fresh food, and part Friday night turn up spot.

It’s drink-heavy, as the absolute unit of a central bar suggests. However, don’t think you need to catch a meal elsewhere!


They’ve got a fresh, no-preservative, no-freezer tilt on their menu that makes it definitively dinner worthy. Think upscale cobb salads and amazing pasta. Additionally, grab snack plates like shrimp tempura to compliment your bevies.

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Down to the nitty-gritty, let’s look at the reason this is the Toronto happy hour of the week. The booze! So, Prohibition has “Hooch Hour” instead of happy hour. This should tip you off to what kind of specials you can expect.

old fashioned

Happy hour/Hooch Hour runs every day from 5-7 PM and again from 10-11 PM. The crowning glory is their premium bar rail pours. While bar rail is usually the bottom of the barrel, they serve ultra premium liquors for well liquor prices during happy hour.

That means you’ll be getting $5.75 servings of the good stuff. Additionally, if you can’t get enough of this deal, they actually serve “premium bar rail” for only $7.30 the rest of the week, too!


Not having enough fun yet? Goodness, you’re hard to please. Additionally, Prohibition has Jager and JD Tennesee Honey shots for $2.88. All day, every day. Although, we’d say maybe stick to the evenings for that one.

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World famous starlit dinner in a dome is finally here!


Whether you’re dropping in for dinner and a drink or several, this is the Hooch Hour we all needed.


Where: 696 Queen St E & 40 Eglinton Ave E

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