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Happy Hour of the Week: Supersized cocktails and pitchers at Pennies

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Less is not more when we’re talking cocktails. Happy hour of the week today is making things nice and efficient for ya: instead of ordering lots of small drinks, why not order big drinks? That’s a not-so-eloquent way of saying we’re featuring supersized cocktails and pitchers at Pennies, so you can stretch “just one drink!” to the limit!


Pennies just launched a brand-new deal, so this is probably uncharted happy hour territory for you. Take our hand, we’ll lead you.



Supersize Wednesday is the name of the game. On humpday we do pitchers. Their words, not ours. Although we wish they were ours, it’s kinda catchy.

Also in their words, you can “double ur triple” for $21. Basically, you’re getting a 32oz cocktail (yeehaw!) for $21. Just think about how much 32oz is for a hot second. Yeah…hefty.

Then, snag 4 pints of beer for the price of 3 pints. That’s 60oz of draught beer, for like…. the price of 45? We’ve never been good at math.

happy hour of the week

happy hour of the week

Finally, get a pitcher (4 servings) of Frozé for $30. Any normal day, a serving of Frozé is $10, so you’re getting an extra serving for free. Hypothetically, these cocktails would be great for sharing. Good thing we don’t have any of those pesky friends to share with! Haha…

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happy hour of the week

happy hour of the week

Oh wait, there’s more! Supersize Wednesdays aren’t the only bomb days at Pennies. If your Tuesday is feeling even more Mondayish than usual, they’ve got the fix.

Tuesdays are Top Shelf Tuesdays, which means all top-shelf liquors are half price! Pours like Patron for $5 and Glenfiddich 12 Year scotch for $6. You fancy. If you can’t make it on Tuesdays, they always have a La Croix and vodka deal where you can get a mickey of Absolut and 3 cans of boujee soda for the equivalent of $4.50 a serving. Ladies, please.


So your mid-week is looking a lot better than usual, and it’s all thanks to Pennies. This is the supersize you definitely want to say yes to every single time.


Where: 127 Strachan Ave

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