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Happy Hour of the Week: Italian eats & sips at TO’s most gorgeous resto

Via Curiocity Toronto

Special food, special drinks, special things to look at! The Curiocity Toronto Happy Hour of the Week today is taking you into one of the most beautiful restaurants in town! It’s the unofficial champion of looking nice, much unlike us. Time for Italian, drinks, and an Insta story so people know you appreciate the finer things in life.


The Happy Hour

Welcome to Oretta, the pastel pink and blue heaven on King West. Take a sec for some ooh’s and aah’s, and then get yourself a table cause it’s time for happy hour.

Resist the urge to go chicken alfredo and house wine, you gotta step out of the safe food box because it’s HAPPY HOUR, PEOPLE. Take your margherita pizza and DON’T ORDER IT. Trust us.

toronto happy hour of the week

The specials run from 4 PM until 7 PM Monday- Friday. That’s right: a weekday dinner happy hour. It’s the unsung hero of the happy hour, the “I don’t wanna microwave a pizza pop after work but I don’t want to spend $34 to get fed” champion.

Here are the food deals:

toronto happy hour of the week


  • Focaccia and olives
  • Polenta Fritta
  • Crostini


  • Meatballs
  • Cardinal Pizza
  • Beef tartare


  • Burrata Pizzette
  • Fried squid
  • Prosciutto

toronto happy hour of the week

Yeah, burrata. We’ll take three, thanks. Yeah, three. Did we stutter?

For drinks, this is what we’re looking at:


  • Wine
  • Prosecco
  • Beer


  • Barrel aged Negroni
  • Aperol & Campari spritzes


  • Old Fashioned

toronto happy hour of the week

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All the good stuff, at a time of day you’re actually going to take advantage of it. That’s what we like in a happy hour. Makes us pretty happy.

Hit up Oretta for cheap Italian eats, drink specials, and the Angelina Jolie of restaurant interiors!


Where: 633 King St W

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