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Happy Hour of the Week: Cider and cheesy bread bowls at Brickworks

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It’s getting to be legit winter out, which is our least favourite season. We’re craving a summer throwback for the happy hour feature today, what do you think? How does cider and snacks sound? Honestly, there is nothing a cheesy sourdough bread bowl can’t fix.

Yeah, cheesy sourdough bread bowl. It’s gonna be a good week.

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brickworks ciderhouse

We’re at Brickworks Ciderhouse today, a funky gastropub with a great menu of house-made cider. Cider makes us think of falling asleep on the dock at the cottage and waking up with second-degree sunburns, in the best way. A little bit of summer in a glass, right?

Happy hour here runs Sunday-Friday from 4 PM through 7 PM, and then 10 PM until close. Here’s what you can get:


  • Batch: 1904 cider
  • Mill Street Organic Lager
  • Hand-cut fries
  • Tabbouleh hummus


  • Mint & basil apple cider
  • Rotational feature cider
  • Gochujang chicken wings
  • Poutine


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  • Mint basil rum smash
  • Rosemary gin cider
  • Tomato mussels
  • Blue cheese mussels
  • The aforementioned heavenly cheesy sourdough bread bowl

That’s taking us right back to July, which is exactly what this week needs. We’d offer to split a bread bowl with you, but we can pretty easily down that thing ourselves. Sorry not sorry.


Where: 709 Queen St E

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