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Happy Hour of the Week: Buck a shuck and $5 beer

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Happy happy hour of the week! We’re so happy! We love happy hour! Now “happy” doesn’t even look like a word anymore… whoops. Without further ado (because there was plenty just there), it’s time for us to bring you the deets on Happy Hour of the Week. Anyone feeling oysters and patios?

Bar Neon has been hanging out on Bloor West for five years now. It’s a nice, although somewhat unexpected, marriage between a bar and a Greek food restaurant.

happy hour of the week

The bar is a bit removed from all the action, so it’s nice if you’re looking for a little getaway from the hustle and bustle.

Walk through the artsy, appropriately neon-lit bar to get to the real gem: the back patio! This is the place to be when the weather approves, and you’ll soon see why.


The happy hour special is worth planning your week around. Monday-Friday you can snag buck-a-shuck oysters and $5 beer. The special runs from 5 PM- 7 PM, so we’re thinking after work drinks might be the move.

Once you take advantage of the special (and the patio!!) you might be tempted to make this a weekly tradition.

It’s heaven in the summer, trust us. If you’re not much of an oysters and beer fan, no worries! They’ve got other rockstars on the menu minus the seafood. It’s Greek, so look for dishes like spanakopita and chicken souvlaki.

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The cocktails are 2oz standard, so get ready for twice the fun. The cocktail portion of the drink menu is super classic. However, feel free to ask for your own favourites- the bartenders know the ropes.

Expect solid staples like mint juleps and properly made whiskey sours. Yes, egg white and all! Just like the cocktail gods intended. Also, they’ve got a great beer selection and crowd pleasers like pitchers of sangria.


Oysters, beer, sunshine, and the happy glow of knowing you’re not going broke for it. Ahhhh. So, when can we expect you out there?


Where: 1226 Bloor St W

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