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Go nuts for the healthy snacks and treats at this cute nuttery and café

Via Curiocity TorontoVia Curiocity Toronto

We are absolutely going nuts for this Queen Street spot. Nuts. It’s not your typical café. You won’t find sugary, buttery, unhealthy treats here. Not that we don’t love sugar and butter, we do. Actually, a little too much sometimes. But other days, we just want a lighter alternative, ya know? That’s where The Roasted Nut comes in.

The Roasted Nut is all about creating those healthy munches. They’ll satisfy all your snack cravings with zero guilt. Guilt-free snacking? Yeah, we could get used to this.

the roasted nut

the roasted nut

If you have a nut allergy, here’s your warning: STAY AWAY. Also, we’re sorry cause that really sucks. But everyone else, get excited! The smell of this place alone is enough to make you melt. When you walk in you’ll be hit with delicious nutty aromas unlike anywhere else.

They roast the nuts right in front of you, so you’re getting snacks and a show. And the shelves are lined with all the tasty flavours you could imagine. It has a cutesy coffee shop feel about it. Personally, we wanna steal their light fixtures. That’s frowned upon though.

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the roasted nut

the roasted nut

Okay, we’ve gotta talk about deez nuts. You can either get a cone full, a whole bag, or build-a-bowl. The sheer variety of flavours might leave you with crippling indecision. Or is that just us? Our favourites so far are the everything cashews or the double lemon almonds.

Plus, you can get freshly ground nut butters, which is going to take your Toast Game to a whole new level. Also, there are loads of desserts and coffee options to choose from!

the roasted nut

So how do they keep their snacks so healthy? Well, on top of the fact that nuts are packed with nutrition, they dry roast all their products. So, there’s no frying or added oils. Mmm, nutritious and delicious. Hey, that rhymed.

So get out of your shell and head to this spot. It’d be pretty nuts if you aren’t as obsessed with it as we are.


Where: 768 Queen St W