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Get your pizza delivered in a special edition Raptors game box!

Via CNW Group/Pizza Pizza

Want to amp up your dinner? Why not get your pizza (pizza) delivered in a box that transforms into a basketball game? Pizza Pizza is taking a stab at changing the fact that the box is the least exciting part of the pizza delivery.

The box folds out to be a mini basketball court, essentially. It’s got a mini hoop and little bits of cardboard you can use to flick teeny cardboard balls at the aforementioned hoop. All the shots happen from outside the three, which is our excuse for sucking so badly.

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“There’s nothing that brings people together more than pizza and cheering on the Raptors. Now, there’s a new activity to go along with it,” said Paul Goddard, CEO. “It’s a simple, entertaining way for family and friends to play together as a group, combining a skill challenge with a bit of competitive spirit and a whole lot of fun.”

The jazzy little box honours the Raptor’s 25th anniversary. Fitting, since they’re the official pizza of the Raptors. Can we get some volunteers for official pizza of the Curiocity office?

The box is available with any large pizza purchase. Play hard!

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