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Get special vanilla and rose mooncakes at this Mid-Autumn pop-up!

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Sad about summer ending? Dry your tears with a mooncake pop-up at the Mid-Autumn Festival! It’s only a few weeks away, which means you can dull the summer leaving sorrow with eating your feelings. That’s what we do, anyways.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is, well, pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s a harvest festival celebrated in Asian culture and the second biggest festival of the year behind Chinese New Year.

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To celebrate the festival, the Colette Grand Café in Holt Renfrew will be serving up gorgeous mooncakes for the whole festival. Seriously, they’re prettier than we could ever hope to be. It feels kinda wrong to eat them, but we’re still gonna do it! Flavours include vanilla custard, rose hibiscus, earl grey, and matcha pandan.

Of course, mooncakes have been the preferred way to celebrate the festival for a looong time. But, now you can enjoy them Colette style, complete with a tin of Sloane tea to pair!

Not going to lie, they kind of look like ornately carved soap. Don’t confuse the two.


When: Monday, September 3- Friday, September 13
Where: Holt Renfrew Colette Grand Café, 3401 Dufferin St, North York
Time: 12 PM- 5 PM daily
Cost: $88 per set, $168 for two sets

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