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Get into kimchi fries and smoothies at this bright, cheery eatery

Via Curiocity Toronto Via Curiocity Toronto

If you’re looking for a little oasis in the big city, look no further. We’ve found a tiny slice of vegan paradise, if we do say so ourselves. It’s called Green Haven and it’s quite literally a haven for those of you who are looking for vegan food and a super bright atmosphere.

The eatery is full of meat alternatives with East Asian inspired flavours. Their goal is to support the planet through fuelling appetites. And we gotta say, they’re doing a great job.

green haven

geen haven

Whoever designed this place, we just wanna say we’re a fan. They’ve taken a small interior and turned it into an optimally functional and absolutely adorable spot. The exposed white brick walls contrasting the wooden tables and green velvet chairs give the place a very Pinteresty feel. Plus, the dainty floral accents on each table are just too cute!

We love how bright and light the entire place feels. It’s honestly perfect if you’re looking to take an A+ Insta while you chow down.

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green haven

green haven

And speaking of chowing down… Everything on the menu is 100% plant-based. So we can tell ourselves it’s healthy, right? No, but actually, this spot does aim to offer food that’s healthy and energizing. Different from our usual half-warm taquito, that’s for sure.

The menu is filled out with options like takoyaki, kimchi fries, Japanese curry, and more. Plus, their smoothies come in mason jars. HIpster level 100000.

green haven

Feeling lean, mean, and green? Us neither, but if we stop by here at lunch that could change.

Split some kimchi fries?


Where: 3080 Dundas St W

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