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Get in on karaoke & trivia nights at TO’s newest pizza, pasta, & wine spot

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There are a few essentials needed to live. Water, shelter, pizza, and wine come to mind. One of Toronto’s newest restaurants has all those things covered. Toronto, meet Pizzaface!

Questionable name aside, this should be on the top of your list when you’ve got your next pizza craving. So like, in 10 minutes.

pizzaface toronto

pizzaface toronto interior

First of all, they’re living by a motto we can get behind: “Life is a combination of magic and pasta.” We couldn’t agree more! Pizzaface specializes in Roman-style thin crust pizza with gluten-friendly flour from Naples.

Each pizza is made-to-order, baked in an authentic Michelangelo oven from Silea, Italy. We don’t really know what that is, but it sounds like it’s made to make great pizza. All for it!

pizzaface spaghetti


This isn’t just a place to stuff your (pizza)face with carbs, though! On Tuesday, they have Italian cooking classes by reservation. Carafe of wine provided, of course.

Then, on Wednesdays, they host a trivia night full of shouting, heckling, and great prizes! It’s hosted by comedian Joey Harlem and a wicked time.

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Thursday is pizza roulette casino night, with tons of prizes and free pizza to give away. Finally, Saturday is karaoke night, so you can sing, dance, and start burning off some of those slices.

Pizzaface (again, not 100% sold on this name) is officially open and they’re doing way more than just feeding us pizza. Thanks for doing the most, guys. Stop on by and see for yourself! Are you more of a trivia or karaoke person?


Where: 221 Richmond St W

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