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This dainty dessert spot was created by an unlikely best friend duo

Via Curiocity Toronto Via Curiocity Toronto

Le Beau literally means The Beautiful in French. When it comes to this Toronto spot, we gotta say we agree. This classy patisserie on Dundas East has all the sweet treats and yummy eats you could ever crave. Stop by any day of the week (except Monday) to find out what this gorgeous patisserie has for you.

This place is the lovechild of two professionals: a pastry chef and a photographer. It sounds like a somewhat unlikely team, but trust us, it seriously works. Chef Olga Spivak is responsible for the kitchen and production, while Julia Merkulova takes care of all things aesthetic and front end sales. We need an Olga to our Julia.

la beau lab

le beau lab

Let’s start by talking about aesthetics. This place is capital “c” Classy. It’s dainty and bright, with tons of massive windows letting in natural light and simplistic interior decor.

The beautiful dessert options line the counter and there are tons of tables to park yourself at for the dayBe sure to snap an adorable Insta of whatever you get. We’re so down for pastry pics.

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le beau lab

la beau lab

Speaking of food, check out this menu! There are so many fresh pastries, plus a delicious dessert bar. Come by more than once to sample all the treats! Or do what we did and try to sample them all in one sitting. Dieting? We don’t know her…

They’ve also got a full breakfast and lunch menu coming soon. Pair those with tons of warm espresso and tea choices.


Their mandate is taking small steps to keep the quality of their product their biggest priority. And we gotta say, they succeed. The spot is doing an A+ job of serving the growing community of the revitalized Regent Park.

Stop by and grab us a lemon tart, why don’t ya?


Where: 665 Dundas St E

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