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Frank’s Pizza House now serves Toronto’s Biggest Pizza Ever

Via Frank's Pizza House

Alright Toronto, grab your pals and loosen your belts because Toronto (and Canada, unofficially) just got their biggest pizza.

Thanks to Frank’s Pizza House, you can now get Toronto’s biggest pizza for you and up to 30 of your friends. Weighing in at 216 ounces, this heavyweight champ is equivalent to 26 pounds of pizza dough. That’s roughly 13 times the size of a regular pizza. BRB, going to find our stretchy pants.

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Toronto’s biggest pizza starts at only $130 for the basic pepperoni. If you want to get a ‘lil fancy (and we encourage that you do), you can add whatever toppings your heart desires. However, the price will increase accordingly.

If you are interested in feasting on this delicious beast of a pizza, you’ll have to give notice. Call in a day in advance to preorder, as this pizza’s so big it requires two chefs to handle it at the oven!

Well, pizza pals, Toronto’s biggest pizza is a feast fit for a King, Queen, and the entire royal family, so get your appetites ready! We’ll meet you down at Frank’s Pizza House for a slice (or 10).