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Feel like royalty at this local favourite bubble tea shop

Via Curiocity Toronto Via Curiocity Toronto

Bubble tea is quickly becoming a Toronto staple. With new spots opening all over the city, it’s no surprise that we’re here telling you about another one. We gotta keep you in the loop! Gong Cha takes traditional milk tea and makes it healthy with all-natural ingredients. Yep, healthy. Well, as much as bubble tea can be.

The name of the restaurant comes from the Chinese tradition Gong Cha, which is the act of offering tea to an Emperor as a tribute. Does that mean we’re royalty in here? You can call us Sir Knight Curiocity from now on.

gong cha

gong cha

Having opened their first location in Taiwan in 2006, the chain has blown up into an international sensation. They have over 2000 stores worldwide! Dang, that’s a lot of tea!

The spot is grab and go style, perfect for a quick stop on your way to work. Or school. Or if you’re just out and about chillin. Whatever you’re up to. It’s also super cute if you wanna sit for a while. They have a full mirrored wall that makes the interior look double its size!

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gong cha

gong cha

Their extensive menu has more options than we can count. They offer teas, coffees, and juices. Plus, all their juices use real fruit and their teas are brewed every 4 hours for optimal freshness.

And, here’s a fun little fact! Their specialty, “milk foam”, which is pretty much like a tea cappuccino, is actually made from a plant-based cream. So it’s vegan-friendly! They also have loads of healthy toppings like Katan Jelly and Herbal Grass Jelly. Grass is healthy, right? We hope so, there’s gotta be some reason it’s on the menu.

gong cha

When you stop by, we recommend trying some of their current bestsellers. The Strawberry Creme Brûlée latte, Mango Smoothie, and Pearl Waffles are our official recommendations.

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